Educational Team bUILDING

“Although it may seem, but a group is not a team”


Team-building exercises create connections and harmony in the workplace and help ensure that teams can work more productively and effectively. The approach to team-building that Empricuepe uses is experiential and relational. Interaction for the purpose of team-building stretches participants' comfort zones and stimulates a supportive, encouraging work environment for people to grow together. Activities are carried out in an informal atmosphere. Activities help reveal and understand respective personalities. Reflection, feedback and appreciation are the ingredients for moving the team forward. No one is a spectator, everyone participates, the team benefits.

We help groups develop into teams (with building internal bonds through group works and exercises). We can charge a group fee for companies to send their teams for a day, a weekend, or longer and help the teams bond. We incorporate lessons learned from MBA Leadership modules (motivating anchors, personal personalities etc). Our aim is to bring the participants closer and facilitating “team ethics and competencies” in individuals. We teach teams cross functionality, team work fundamentals, supporting a team, working in a team, conflict management, conflict resolution etc. We also endeavor (when possible), to facilitate work online with remote teams (India and US for example). 

 Contact us to discuss your team's unique needs and how much time and resources are available to promote your team building activities.