Empricuepe Principal Enrichment Daily Schedule:*

Empricuepe Principal Enrichment Youth Program follows the Muscogee County School year calendar and services all area K-12 scholars.

2:30 Scholars Arrive/Free Time

3:00 – 3:15 Snack

3:15-4:00 Scholarship/quiet centers 

4:00- 4:45 Nature Time

4:45-5:30 Free Time 

5:30 Release

*Fridays include Prosperity Lab, Nature Time, and Zest Fest


Empricuepe offers 45 minutes of homework time Monday thru Thursday in our center. Scholars are encouraged to complete all assignments during this time, so that evenings might be reserved for quality family time and personal life management.

Our reading centers remain open all day so Scholars may independently decide to incorporate reading time into their lives.

Prosperity Lab: Unlocking interestS towardS DIVERSE OPPORTUNITIES

In addition to having some fun nature activity on Fridays, each Scholar is involved in Prosperity Labs! Each month we facilitate different activities with maximum Scholar participation. During that month, Scholars are taught by a responsible influencer who has an interest or qualification in that particular activity or field of study. Labs vary greatly, but include activities such as app development, web design, food laboratory, software design, painting, script writing, set design, drama, product development, book writing, arts + crafts, model building, sports, and much more!


We strive to make each day extraordinary. But we go above and beyond to close out Fridays in the prosperity mindset like only Empricuepe Principal Enrichment can do! Friday afternoons are reserved for ZEST FEST! This is a time to celebrate individuality and self-expression, receive + give recognition for the inspiring things that we accomplished during the week + allow adequate reflection on things we will strive to do better during the upcoming week.


Each Friday we also get a Scholar lead lecture about the citizen qualities that we have been highlighting all week. We do this through Citizenship focused lessons, aspirational stories, and discussions about modern day influencers who show those qualities. Parents are encouraged to share in this time with us! 


This Summer Empricuepe Principal Enrichment will offer full day camps each week. Our Summer theme will be "All Over The World" Each week we will walk through a different Summer Theme with an eye on a major international city. Every week, we will have a fun day that might consist of a field trip, guests lecturers, or thought provoking activities. The cost for each week of Summer Camp is $130.  To register, you must pay at least the registration fee and return a completed registration packet before the 30 April 2018 deadline.  Registrants that pay in full for camp in advance receive complimentary drop off and pick up service for the duration of camp. Reserve a Summer Camp Space for your K-12 Scholar! Space is limited. 

Camp Hours: from 7 am to 7 pm

Camp Cost: $130 per week

Shuttle Service Special: $15 per week pick-up and drop-off (no discounts apply)

Camp Duration: May 23, 2018 - August 7, 2018 (12 weeks)

Registration Fee: $165 per participant (non-refundable after 30 April 2018 cancellation deadline)

Registration Fee Receivables:   (1) First week of camp included

                                                (1) Red Hot Parent Swag Shirt (For Parent Pride Days) 

                                                (1) Empricuepe "We Do It" White Shirt

                                                (1) Empricuepe License Plate (Ask about our front mounting special with Legacy Cadillac)

                                                (1) Empricuepe Promotional Materials Bundle

                                                (1) Digital Parent Handbook

                                                (1) Scholar Webpage (We are a paper minimal enterprise. Each scholar will receive a password protected webpage on our server at www.empricuepe.com/first-lastname. Parent updates, photos, Scholar Portfolios and reports will be posted there. Scholars are responsible for presenting to 5-8 minute end of camp development summary and ensuring website stays current and in accordance with Empricuepe standards. Webpage transfers for after school program participants)

                                                (5) Empricuepe Scholar Tees (For Registered Youth) -  Includes: Bundle of one each color and same size Monday - Friday Tees (we do it white (Mon), canary yellow (Tue), bright blue (Wed), get it grey (Thur), principal purple (Fri)

Location: TBA