Power to Educational servant ENTERPRISE


We support + develop all sorts of social projects but we focus on social enterprise development  designed to equip aspirational people building innovative or disruptive educational concepts. Why?  The background + education of our influencers qualify our understanding the challenges people face while launching their ideas. We consistently demonstrate our expertise + dedication to improving ourselves and others!  During the climb, we learned of several social challenges + unserviced niches. College educated ethnic entrepreneurs living + starting businesses every where experience unique challenges. We believe that breaking into new markets should be simple + accessible for highly skilled internationals in the global marketplace.  The major obstacles to ethnic entrepreneurship are: 

  • grass-roots + institutional corruption
  • language barriers
  • costs/availability of adequate commercial spaces offering short-term commitments
  • attracting quality + loyal staff
  • financing

Truth be told, it's a jungle out there! We decided we no longer wanted a seat in the lion's den. No more big city (A city) blues for us. So we set out to find locations in B + C cities were we can make a noticeable difference. 

Anyone thinking about starting a venture should go gingerly, but go! During market entry is the period when an entrepreneur is most vulnerable to predation. You see, we believe that everyone (even us professionals) needs accountability partners in high times and times of growth, change + uncertainty. When that person is a seasoned entrepreneur who has the battle scars to prove it, you're in great company! Why? Studies show their project management + mentoring results are simply better!

When the Influencers at Empricuepe started investing in ourselves + taking our ideas to launch; we kissed a few frogs, lost money + fell into all kinds of traps. We believe none of those things should happen to others. Some consulting firms + incubators charge high rates upfront for little or no appreciable result. By the time you realize they cannot help you through your transition or move your project along most of the budget is exhausted; so are your nerves + confidence to endure. We also believe there has to be a better option than going it alone, starting from scratch without access to lessons learned that tells a unique story about how the happenings inside + outside of your enterprise are the best predictor of outcomes, holding on to ideas until a better time in the unknown future + paying thousands to tens of thousands dollars learning the hard way like we did in the beginning. But there’s not. So, we decided to build it.