Individualized ASSESSMENTS + course DEVELOPMENT Services for Children and Families


Parent Consultations:

During individual consultation sessions, we meet with you to address you and your child’s behavior and areas of concern.   We assess why your family is having difficulty and work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan for decreasing your family's problematic behaviors and increasing desired ones.  The support plan consists of specific strategies that we will teach you to use in order to change your family’s behavior.   


Direct Child Services:

We also work directly with children who need instruction in areas such as social skills, anger management, and emotional regulation.  We employ research-supported behavioral and educational interventions to teach children important life skills that promote their success in forming relationships with others, achieving academic success, and being more independent.  


To Schedule a Consultation:

To schedule an individual consultation with Empricupe, please call 706.617.9082 or email us, by clicking here

Prior to scheduling an appointment, we will talk with you about the nature of your child's problem.  We will then schedule an appointment to see you and your child at our office or at your home.

Parent Training Events

We offer a number of parent trainings at various locations throughout the year.   These trainings are typically 2 hours in duration and in the evening to better accommodate busy parents' schedules.  For more information on upcoming events and to register, click here →

Some of the trainings we offer include:

  • The Essential Tool Kit for Parenting the Young Child
  • The Essential Tool Kit for Parenting the Adolescent
  • Goodbye Diapers! How to Potty Train
  • Addressing Eating and Feeding Problems
  • Promoting Healthy Sleep
  • Working with Your Child’s School (when behavior problems occur there)

You can also check out upcoming events on our Facebook page →


Training Partnerships with Community Members

    We love to establish partnerships with local organizations, businesses, churches, schools, and early learning centers to meet the diverse needs of children and families in our community.   Through our partnerships, we learn about the training needs of the parents, teachers, or caretakers of a given organization and then provide customized trainings to meet their needs at their establishment.  

    Some of our Training Partners include:

    If you are interested in a training partnership with Empricupe, please call 706.617.9082 or email us, by clicking here →