A revolutionary call to service! Empricuepe is an Educational Support Service and Life Skill Development company, comprised of a dedicated team of servant leaders. Together, we promote the vicarious transfer of knowledge towards principal enrichment and offer a welcoming place for all people. We advance works that address spiritual, educational, nutritional, health and social services needs of children, families, and communities. 

Call us leaders, teachers, trainers, consultants, instructors, coaches, behavior specialists, problem-solvers… All of these would be fitting terms to describe the roles that we fill here at Empricuepe; yet, first and foremost, we are nurturers and concerned citizens.  We work smart to solve up at night problems in our community by providing instructional and non-instructional  services that support educational processes or systems. 

Our coalition partners include; Veterans, concerned citizens, schools, businesses, organizations, governments, multidisciplinary life sciences professionals, teachers/educators, Licensed Professional Counselors, Registered Mediators, Certified Life Coaches, Certified Mentors, State and or National/International Approved Trainers, and Paraprofessionals, and are fully committed to the highest standards of human development. 

Empricuepe recognizes a critical need around the world in the areas of Veterans, child, youth + family advocacy, homelessness, poverty, workforce development, citizenship, human rights, self-directed health and justice. First to launch, our Youth Enrichment Program was developed to address those needs. Empricuepe believes it has a responsibility to act on behalf of those young and less experienced persons while equipping them to champion prosperity on their own. Empricuepe endeavors to build bridges that inspire, activate, liberate and unite people through wisdom and method.