Vicarious transfer of knowledge...

Use unity as a tool to strengthen bodies, empower minds, and build communities towards Principal Enrichment; the state of being equipped through the vicarious transfer of knowledge in a revolutionary way.

Our Mission

Education. Not as Usual. 

To cultivate resilient citizens as they formalize, grow, and broaden their personalities, identities, and horizons by providing accessible and premier programs consistent with our progressive and rational lifestance that, with interfaith, informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion is especially benevolent or tolerant towards the youth or less experienced persons  through academics, science, technology, engineering, nature, arts, math, food, fitness, community, and fun spaces, industry-specific technical assistance and access to diverse academic opportunities. Our vision is that all people deserve opportunity to gain confidence, resilience, security, and prosperity by doing what they learn and love to do, creating an innovative, vibrant and inclusive economic landscape and society.


Forward looking Independent Learning

We envision a flexible, world‐class educational network incorporating Veteran Transition, child and youth development, technical and adult education and customized business and industry workforce training. This quality system of programs, courses, and services will be recognized as the intelligent choice for citizens seeking technical training and lifelong educational experiences and for global social companies and organizations requiring customized training and retraining services. To accomplish this goal, we will seek to solidify and expand existing relationships while continuously establishing new relationships with community and business organizations while periodically upgrading instructional technologies to reflect industry standards and emerging technologies. Through the establishment of strategically located satellite campuses within our service delivery area, abroad and the expansion of our distance education offerings, we will assure access to education and training for citizens throughout the Columbus area. Empricuepe Principal Enrichment will ensure that information, training, and educational resources will be readily accessible to citizens who will strengthen and elevate Columbus’s economy as we assist them in becoming inclusion minded and highly skilled quality graduates, ready to meet the diverse and entrepreneurial demands of Georgia's cities and able to compete in the global economy. 


Em-pri-cu-e-pe (Ĕmprî cûē pə): Emerging Principals through cUltural understanding, empowerment and pRINCIPAL enrichment!

Empricuepe Principal Enrichment, LLC was founded in 2017 by two long time friends, mothers and US Army veterans named Clarase Mika + Stacy Cooper. Clarase and Stacy pioneered a revolutionary educational support services model aimed at liberating people from the conditions of brokenness and poverty and setting them on the path of resilience and prosperity.

Clarase’s original idea for ‘an avuncular and social nurturer’ involved taking over and converting unused private and public owned spaces turning them into shared workrooms, training, and job creating spaces and social ventures and developing a workforce development and training process to coach, mentor, and train jobless Veterans, youths and adults in multidisciplinary jobs such as allied health professionals, food protection managers, administrative coordinators, culinary artists, coaches, choreographers, and social enterprise managers.

Empricuepe will flourish and carry out its work to unify Georgia & Alabama to other areas of the world. Today, Empricuepe is focused on building the necessary coalitions to launch the full social venture portfolio of Empricuepe, starting Summer 2017 with a Summer Camp which will expand its services into a fully licensed After School Program from the 2018-2019 school year.