OUR Core VALUES + Beliefs

Education. Not as usual.

Empricuepe’s core values compliment State of Georgia, State of Alabama, Bright from the Start and Higher Learning Systems of Georgia + Alabama beliefs, and the enterprise shares these beliefs as fundamental to all plans, programs, services, and operations, including these:

•Belief in the value of the individual

•Belief that Empricuepe should be a leader in assuring that all people have equal and expanded access to technical educational opportunities

•Belief in the value of education as a benefit to individuals and society as a whole

•Belief in the value of work as an integral and necessary part of healthy and growing individuals, cultures, and economies

•Belief in the value of local community input and involvement in education

•Belief that literacy, English and math proficiency, and the ability to find solutions to problems are essential for people to function well and be self‐sufficient in today’s society

•Belief that the vast majority of Georgia + Alabama residents should gain training beyond a high school diploma in order to obtain satisfying employment and adequate wages

•Belief that Empricuepe should fulfill its mission by serving students, employers, and economic developers as its primary customers

•Belief that Empricuepe should design programs and services to meet the needs of its membership, customers and thereby provide training that satisfies business and industry specifications

•Belief that Empricuepe should incorporate the use of leading‐edge technology into all programs, services, and operations

•Belief that Empricuepe should provide training in occupational competencies that enables students to become technically proficient

•Belief that Empricuepe should provide education in work ethics and attitudes that enables students to become responsible employees and employers

•Belief that Empricuepe should develop, strengthen, and retain a faculty and administration capable of offering services second to none 

•Belief that we will never unify our way out of exclusion, because exclusion is a symptom of the deeper problem of poverty.

•Belief that in the transformative power of living wage work, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to share in the dignity of work while contributing to our community.

•Belief in building a more equitable society that ensures access to healthy, dignified resources and economic opportunity for all.

•Belief that fraud, waste, and abuse is wrong, be it the fraud, waste, or abuse of nutritious food, productive minds, or charitable dollars spent on unsustainable, redundant, and ineffective efforts.