Service Fees

Take hold of prosperity one measure at a time. No blank checks necessary – Everything you need to know about our fees.


Empricuepe empowers people by providing extensive tailor made support to facilitate the journey through due diligence, acquisition, development and management. Through personalized counseling, mentoring and planning, Empricuepe will help you step into prosperity with discernment and confidence. 

We help individuals, groups, families, schools, churches, boards, work groups, companies and organizations overcome obstacles to prosperity so they can move on to bigger + better things. Empricuepe is a multi-faceted knowledge transfer system for  people transitioning from various stages in their lives. The stage of life, known as the transitional period, is a challenging period for many people. Consequently, it is often marked by intense feelings of stress and confusion. Call on us when you realize you deserve a better life but don't know how to achieve it; We are your accountability partner on the road to achieving prosperity every step of the way.

We may offer sponsorship on a need basis for Empricuepe impressidents and community members. Talk to us to us about your plans for details. 

Hourly starting
$120 Per Hour min. 1-hour session

On hourly work we bill every 15 minutes. This applies to group sessions, additional work or changes after your project is launched, etc. We offer discounts on hourly work in some of our support packages.

Discovery Sessions
$480 Four 1-hour DISCOVERY sessions

Avoid partnering with a service provider until you get to know them. At just $480, find out if you like working with us (and we can see if we like working with you). You’ll end up with lots of ideas and a plan you can take anywhere.


Sure you can pay us by the hour, but we prefer project budgets that allow us enough time to do what we do best – build awesome relationships and incredibly effective strategies. Split your invoice into 4-6 payments.