There are so many reasons to love Empricuepe. We invite you to think about how you can actively engage in community development and enrichment and assist us in sharing the cooperation’s many “pluses” with those you know and meet.

It’s our voice and collective enthusiasm that will help Empricuepe grow and prosper. Whether you are a resident who wants to learn about Empricuepe’s good news, or a business leader who can help bring your connections to Empricuepe, there are countless ways to get involved.

+Wide Open: Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, Wide Open. Published on the first Tuesday of every month, Wide Open contains inspirational news and information about the work of Empricuepe. Pass it along and encourage your friends, family and coworkers to sign up, too.

+Stick Up For It: Request an Empricuepe+ bumper sticker for your car. The stickers are a free, easy way to show that you believe in the future of Empricuepe. Once it’s on your vehicle, send us a picture.

+Tell us Why You Love Empricuepe: Tell us why you love Empricuepe and all we are doing. Send your testimonials here.

+Send Business Our Way: Have friends, family, suppliers, customers and colleagues outside of Columbus, GA/Phenix City? Tell them about opportunities and benefits of working with Empricuepe. Ask if their business is growing, expanding and/or relocating. Then connect them with Empricuepe to help them expand into our area or us into theirs. Together, we can create opportunities, create wins and create jobs. Contact Empricuepe with any leads or questions.

+Boost Cultural Exchange + Tourism in Our Region: The trade and professional association meetings and conferences you or your employees attend outside of our region may well be conducted right here at Empricuepe. Provide your nearest Empricuepe representative input a list of those events and we’ll be happy to contact the event organizers to see if we can submit a proposal to be a host in the future. Plus, Empricuepe has a exchange program called Empricuepe 365 and we welcome multidisciplinary professionals and concerned citizens to get involved. 

+Recruit Talent: Is your organization working to recruit diverse talent to the region? If so, we encourage you to visit the Prosperity Portal of our website. The portal provides helpful tools and resources to aid in your talent recruitment efforts. Our goal is to help you sell the region so you can focus on selling the job. E-mail us to learn more about our talent recruitment offerings.

+Request One of Our Speakers: Empricuepe founders or influencers make dozens of presentations to community, civic, professional and government audiences throughout the year. Consider one of our speakers for your business or industry association meetings. Contact us at to learn more.

+Forward National Media Relations Leads: The media relations team proactively develops and pitches story ideas that promote Empricuepe's strengths and areas of growth, and could interest a national audience. We welcome any ideas or suggestions you would like to contribute. Send us an e-mail.

+Buy Made at Empricuepe: Buying from our community members is a fundamental way we can support our diverse economy. With over 13,000 local business listings to choose from, the “Empricuepe on Top” program helps consumers find Empricuepe supporter owned businesses that meet their shopping and service needs. Check out vendor and service provider list. Coming Soon

+Follow us on our Social Media Channels: One of the easiest ways to engage with the Empricuepe  campaign is to share our good news and information with your own network of followers. Follow us on the social networks listed below!