Apple Technology Training

Field Trips for Students and Teachers 

At Empricuepe, we offer kids, adults, and teachers a variety of programs tailored just for them. Youth Enrichment Workshops, School Day Learning, Field Trips, Teacher Skills Development and our acclaimed An Apple A Day proficiency metrics are great ways to get kids, parents, mentors, and teachers thinking, learning, and creating — all while having maximum fun in an amazing space. 

Each week, we welcome K-12 grade classes from around the region and their classroom teachers for a week of immersive technology enhanced learning. Students participate in Prosperity Lab. For example, Dance Lab teaches students and teachers  about Kinesiology and the art of movement by exploring visual graphics, sound and recordings all made using Apple Technology. Food Lab teaches students about food science, providing them with hands-on activities such as organoleptic sampling, biochemical analysis and refractology. Nutrition Science includes exploration of body regions, plant or animal dissection, analysis of water samples and classification. 

Meanwhile, their regular classroom teacher receives our unique professional development program that includes building content knowledge, a lending library and ongoing support. This week-long training provides ways to incorporate positive youth development, science and the use of technology in a regular classroom environment.